"Homonyms of all lands, unite!"

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Our mission

Homonymy (namesakes) is an essential strategy for blurring identities within a global landscape of both physical and digital tracking and surveillance, a vital tool for freedom of thought and action. The vocation of AHA is to develop and stimulate all types of homonym culture by all means necessary. AHA provides an administrative, psychological and strategic support group for all homonyms, whether authentic or not including wannabes.

« Everything is being done to make us all look exactly the same—so that we shall only need one portrait.»
Søren Kierkegaard

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Our kits

Select your new name amongst our amazing Silicon Valley CEO and NSA executives exclusive prepared kits. Each kit comes with digital profiles informations, associated email and social network services. AHA will provide support for the administrative process of changing name.

« Lots of MONEY because I am MANY ! » Luther Blisset

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Make the first step to change your name and let AHA manage your new identity within your favorite social networks. Give us the access to your account(s) by filling the form, AHA will change your name and your profile picture, according to your new identity.

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Our research

Based on extensive research on identity by a group of scholars, researchers and students.

Why change one's name? Our expertise Camille Martin Case Study

Why change one's name?

Becoming a Homonym

Every day we broadcast hundreds of pieces of data about ourselves, when we walk around the city with our mobile phones; when we send emails or texts; or when we surf or shop online. We leave behind digital traces, bits of information about us that are collected, stored, and analysed. These traces are put together to create profiles of you, they become your digital shadow. These can give others insight into your life; and they can also be totally wrong.

AHA offers several creative strategies which can be used to skirt surveillance and to pinpoint the normalisation of online behaviour that surveillance entails. Based on research by internationally renowned researchers, our team provides guidance for protecting privacy such as cryptography and obfuscation techniques, deliberate use of ambiguous information in order to make the collected data murky.

AHA aims to assist ordinary people who are not experts ‒ i.e. those who are not in the position to delete their traces or control the use of their data on the net ‒ and allows individual users to take matters into their own hands, fighting back against unilateral surveillance.

One of our main strategies is Homonymy (namesakes), in other words, helping you to hide in an online crowd using a very common name or adopting the name of a celebrity. The main objective is the production of noise modeled on an existing signal in order to make the collection of your data more ambiguous, confusing, harder to exploit, more difficult to act on, and therefore less valuable.

Our expertise Camille Martin Case Study

Our expertise